EDF Invest invests in renewable infrastructures in the USA

3 Feb 2020

EDF Invest invests in renewable infrastructures in the USA


EDF Invest completed in December 2019 the acquisition of participations in 2 wind farms in New Mexico and Minnesota, USA, and in 2 solar plants in California and Nevada, USA. These farms have a combined capacity of approximately 800 MW and are backed by long-term Power Purchase Agreements. These new additions to the dedicated assets enable EDF Invest to continue diversifying its portfolio in terms of geographies (first investment in the US) and sectors (first investment in solar).


Overall, EDF Invest has significantly invested in 2019 across its 3 asset classes, with 10 transactions worth approximately EUR 1 Billion of investments (invested and /or signed).

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EDF Invest is the investment arm of the EDF Group managing the unlisted asset portfolio intended to cover the future decommissioning expenses of nuclear power plants in France. EDF Invest does not invest on behalf of individuals or third parties. - Groupe EDF

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